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Serving You Safely

 Hygiene Is Our First Priority
The Eco-Friendly Way.

We grow and handle our produce with lots of love and care.

These delicate greens and flowers are grown in a very sustainable, eco-conscious way. Best cleaning measures are taken to disinfect the equipment for harvesting. We use only organic cleaners like

bio-enzymes, soap-nut for washing and disinfecting our trays.

Sunlight is a preferred medium for killing the unwanted viruses and bacteria. We occasionally use UV lights for deep cleansing of our premises.

We do not wash our produce before packing and highly recommend each and every petal and leaf to be washed gently before usage.

As we are an organic farm, its natural for ants and some bugs to hide inside the flowers or under the leaves and washing is an easy, effective way to get rid of them.

Safety Rules

Food Safety

Gloves and masks are mandatory to enter inside the grow room.


Periodic sanitization to avoid contamination and mold.

Restricted Access

Only authorized people enter the premises to ascertain hygiene

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