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Fresh Exotic Greens and Edible Flowers

Same Day Delivery from Our Farm to Your Kitchen

Red Amaranthus Microgreens

What Makes Us Different

Organically Grown

Best sustainable practices. 

No chemicals. No pesticides.

Just Nature at work.

100% Natural Seeds

Open Pollinated, Non-GMO seeds.

Inspired and guided by Navdanya's seed saving movement.

Just Picked Freshness

Guaranteed delivery within few hours of harvesting.

Moisture free packaging.

Chef's Favorites
Served Fresh from the Farm

Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Seasonal, assorted flower boxes with amazing colors. Zero chemicals, fresh, organically grown edible flowers.

Fresh Microgreens


All the exotic microgreen varieties available in live trays or harvested boxes.

Wheat grass

Wonderful Wheatgrass

Harvest from the live wheatgrass trays to provide your guests best health shots. Must for every health/detox menu.


Choose The Way You Like It

Live Microgreen Trays

Live Microgreen

Harvest as much as you need. Enhance the guest experience. Let your guests harvest their own greens on live salad and breakfast counters.

Harvested Microgreens

Harvested Microgreen Boxes

Convenient and quick. Good for busy kitchens. Harvested microgreens are only available in few varieties.

Edible Flower Boxes

Assorted Edible Flowers Boxes

Season's best. Assorted. Fresh.

Add colors, aroma and joy to your culinary creations with whole flowers or petals.

Global Gourmet
is Now
Available Local

Exotic fresh produce- microgreens, edible flowers, Arugula Lettuce is now available for delivery in Dehradun, Mussoorie and Rishikesh. We harvest and delivery same day to retain the freshness, crispiness, nutrition and colors to give our chefs the best farm fresh produce.

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